2013 年からコムアイを主演歌唱とするユニットとして始動。 メンバーはコムアイ(主演)、ケンモチヒデフミ(音楽)、Dir.F(その他)の 3人だが、表に出るのは主演のコムアイのみとなっていた。
今年、4月26日には2nd EP「RABBIT STAR ★」をデジタルリリースし、5月3日には「RABBIT STAR ★」のCDをリリース。7月5日にはコカ・コーラ Coke STUDIO キャンペーンソング「マーメイド」をリリース。また、来年3月16日には水曜日のカンパネラとしては2度目、詩羽としては初の日本武道館での単独公演が決定している。
また、7月には映画『アイスクリームフィーバー』や日本テレビ系7月期ドラマ『最高の教師 1年後、私は生徒に■された』にも出演が決まり、音楽活動以外にも女優、モデルと活動の幅を広げている。

Wednesday Campanella, featuring KOM_I as lead role/vocalist, started in 2013 with Hidefumi Kenmochi as the music composer/producer and Dir.F in another role. However, only KOM_I represented the group publicly. On September 6, 2021, KOM_I left the group, and Utaha joined as the second lead vocalist, and they continued their activities with this new lineup.

On October 27 of the same year, the group released their first song, “Alice/Buckingham”, under the new lineup. On May 25, 2022, they released their first EP titled “Neon” in limited quantities on a special website, which became a rare item. The music video for “Edison” from the EP became a hot topic on social media and has now surpassed 50 million views. The versions of “Edison-From THE FIRST TAKE” and “Buckingham-From THE FIRST TAKE” that appeared on THE FIRST TAKE are also available for streaming.

In 2023, Wednesday Campanella held their first overseas live performance in Taipei. On January 25, 2023, the theme song titled “Akazukin” for the ABEMA original romance program “Tonari no Koi wa Aoku Mieru 4” was released. On April 26, their second EP, “RABBIT STAR ★”, was scheduled to be released on digital.
On July 5,the latest single “Mermaid” was released.